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About the Design

You can use this design on any of your products.

a simple one can keep someone in a good look.

These designs have been made according to the fashion tranding designs so that people’s time can be saved .

Design Shutter makes new designs with its team so that people can get new designs in low price and through that design they can grow their business well.

Because there is only one design that can give it a good look in any business.


Make it this Design

  • Software use – Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 23.2.2
  • supported software this design – Adobe photoshop all version

This design has been made in Photoshop. In this way you can make small or big according to your own product or according to the look of your garments. designshatter creates mostly textile-relative designs in Photoshop. Which you can comfortably use these designs to print on any of your fashion garments industry, home furnishing industry, paper industry or any fabric.


Design Season:

  • Autumn/Winter (AW)
  • Pre-Fall
  • Spring/Summer (SS)
  • Resort

You can use these designs in the season of your choice. Because Desiganshetter works on what can be used throughout the season before making any design.


  • textiles Design
  • graphic Design
  • Digital Design
  • Hand Block Prints
  • PSD
  • JPG
  • PNG

Designshatter security :

If you download a file and have a password attached, you’ll also download a text file that mentions the password.


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Pink, Red, White




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Digital Print Design, Textiles Design

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Design Season

Spring/Summer (SS), Autumn/Winter (AW), Resort, Pre-Fall

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The purpose of making this design is that people have many items and products, on which the part of the design is on it. So that the user does not have to waste time searching for tutorials and designs, desiganschetteer.com allows them to choose from Screen Printable, Hand Block Type, Digital Printing, Rotary Printing, Rubber Printing, Surface Printing and other categories in which Desiganschetter's design is included in it. can take. Designshatter 's interface is so intuitively understandable that even a child can handle it.
As said before, the theme is updated constantly. The developers team fixes all the bugs and works hard to keep it up to date. In addition, they also add some redesigned skins and ready-made new designs, which expand the capabilities available to the users. There's a new update every month, so by using Desiganshettar's website you can be sure it's the best possible solution.
You can get easy after sales support. If you are associated with fashion, then you will know that most of the designs are used on many platforms of Adobe Photoshop, Coral and other designing platforms. You can download any design and use it on your accordion software according to its size, color, layer etc. If you face any problem then you can contact with us. We will help you completely.
To download the free design, you will see the download name in the left side of the design, click on it and your design will be downloaded.
1. Click on the download button above the image. 2. Now choose the size of the design according to you and click on the download button. 3. Confirm the design which you have selected and if you have the coupon code then use it and press on click & download 4. You enter your details and you pay on paypal or UPI according to your comfort, go to your dashboard and download the design and download the design in zip format.


Traditional leaf Jaal Design
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  • Included Files - PSD , JPG
  • Channels Photoshop PSD
  • in Repeat
  • Resolution - 300 dpi
  • Screen Printable
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